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What are Hood Skinz?

Hood Skinz are a low-friction sleeve, handcrafted in the USA, to fit the upper hood supports of your Peterbilt 365, 367, 378, 379, 384, 386, 388, and 389 models.

How long do they last?

Hood Skinz are designed and tested to last 25K to 30K miles. That said, there are many variables, including the condition of the rollers and guides, alignment of hood supports, etc., that may cause your Hood Skinz to wear out sooner or even last longer on your truck. We have many happy customers with hoods that are in good shape that get 40K to 50K out of a pair. We believe it is a very good bet that four pairs will last most trucks at least a year.

How can I purchase Hood Skinz?

Hood Skinz can be purchased directly from our website HoodSkinz.net, Facebook Shop, Google Business page, as well as from Amazon.com! What are our shipping options? - Currently, we ship with USPS as our standard shipping option.

Can I add my logo?

Yes! Please submit our contact form for white label options.

Can I add custom vinyl color?

Yes! Please submit our contact form for custom color options.

Can I have a custom base color?

Available base colors are listed on the website. Custom base colors can be arranged but do have a minimum order of 100 pair. Please submit our contact form for custom base color options for further details.

What is Standard Shipping?

We ship First Class with USPS as our Standard Shipping Option. Other options are available at checkout.